Mastering Connection With Women
How to lead the intimate connection in your relationship

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Create more connection, passion and affection in your relationship

Discover how to be unapologetic and confident in your masculine energy

Are you a sexual, sensual, confident man who's ready to become powerful with women?

Do you want to be able to flirt, play, laugh and connect with women, deeper than you have before?

Find out exactly WHAT has a woman trust and surrender to your lead.

Understand what she's thinking and feeling inside her body and HOW you have the ability to change that.

Know what it means to take the first step and lead her in the dance of intimacy.

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Become Masterful At Creating Connection With Her

Connection is the foundation to intimacy, but most of us men have been taught to "make sure you don't make a mistake," to tread lightly around women and try to “make her happy.”

We play smaller than we’re capable of and then get frustrated by the lack of passion and enthusiasm once the honeymoon period is over.

In this program, we dive deep into what creates connection, how you can keep feeding it and strengthening it.

We help you identify where you need to grow as a man, so you can step out of your comfort zone, push past the fears that have been holding you back and become the attractive, sensual and sexual man you truly love to be.

Be more bold, take more risks, and enjoy a more passionate relationship (she will thank you for it).

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Be More Deliberate Inviting Her Into intimacy With You

Understand HOW to move between different levels of intimate connection.

Choose when you want to go deeper by creating more tension in ways that turn her on.

Become unashamedly confident at inviting women into deeper, more intimate conversations.

Be authentic and honest and experience deeper connections than ever before.

Be more playful, adventurous and unpredictable.

Lead the dance of erotic energy.

It’s so much more fun to play and explore together than to be engulfed by nerves and hold back from going for what you want.

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More Than Just Information

Information is useful but information doesn't always translate into action and connection at the moment you need it.

There's an art to relating that most men are completely unaware of. It can't be faked but there are skills that when practiced become embodied and create attraction.

Once you master these skills, your ability to connect with women will radically change. The difference is incredible. It's like night and day.

In this program you will be interacting live with Dr. Alexis Shepperd - a men’s and women’s coach with over 15 years experience.

Alexis will be interacting not just as a coach, but as a woman, and will share her felt experience of what it's like to relate with you, moment to moment. It’s so rare for men to interact with an initiated woman who is able to provide this instant feedback of how their masculine energy is felt.

Through a unique process called "Practice With The Feminine," you will discover exactly how you block connection - and learn new ways to create intense attraction and connection with women.

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Transform Your Confidence

Do you know how you're unconsciously pushing away and limiting the connection and affection you want in your relationships with women?

STOP trying to make something happen and START allowing natural intimacy to build.

Become aware of how she feels your doubts and fears and learn how to turn them into points of connection and intrigue.

We will help you identify and remove behavior patterns which hold you back and stop women trusting you and being attracted to you.

Feel your growing confidence as you let go of beliefs that have been stifling your ability to connect deeply with women.

Finally learn how to own your sexual power unapologetically and go for what you want.

This is the key to deeper, more connected and passionate relationships.

Whether you're dating or wanting to deepen your current relationship, being able to sense and lead what's happening between you is incredibly powerful (and a lot of fun too).

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12 Steps To Build More Intimacy

Polarity & Creating Attraction

Masculine and feminine are two poles of the same thing, your energy. Learning to become aware of how you're using your energy is incredibly powerful in creating a spark of intrigue, attraction and desire in the women you're interacting with.


Presence is a foundation to emotional connection. An ability to bring your undistracted focus and attention to the person you are with so that they feel you with them. It’s an ability to explore our genuine curiosity to better understand, see and appreciate ourselves and each other at a deeper level. 

Knowing Yourself

Knowing who you are, what you stand for and why is important in every area of life but in intimate moments with a woman it is critical. Can you stand for what you believe even when you are being challenged? Can you show her who you are in more than words?

Getting Her World

How can you fully understand her experience? What does it mean to her when she feels you truly listened? Can you understand not only what she’s saying, but what is behind what she’s saying, and why it’s so important to get this.

Connecting & Play

The way that women feel connected is by feeling your desire to know who they really are. Can you show her that you are interested in seeing who she is underneath her outside defenses? How can you learn to love and play with her resistance and fears in a way that makes her feel safe to open to the dance with you.


Rejection is the fastest path to seeing the conditions and expectations hiding behind your love. It’s also a clear path to understanding her current emotional state and connection to you. Can you move from asking for an experience from her to inviting her into an adventure with you? How deeply can you know your own experience and finally rid yourself of the fear of disappointment and pain.

Holding Structure

The feminine wants to move, to create, to express, to be seen and appreciated. How are you getting in the way of her expression? Do you want her to share her emotions, her openness, her trust, her vulnerability, her turn on with you? Then how can you stay with her and provide the conditions she needs to open?

Feeling Her & Feeling You

You are always communicating with her and she is always feeling you, so what are you telling her? How can you know what she is receiving from you? How can you know what she is feeling? Can you use the information that feelings provide to strengthen the connection between you even when you’re nervous or upset?

Relating & Relationship

How you relate is the food for the fire and passion in your relationship. What has a woman get curious and want to know more about you? How does the way you view and approach the relationship change the way she can openly communicate with you? What has her commit to you and the live connection between you?

Trust & Surrender

Trust is the currency of intimacy and connection. How do women require trust differently to men? How can you inspire her trust. What stops you from trusting her? Why do men innately want women to surrender to them? Why do women want it too but also resist it? What does it provide for both men and women? What’s possible when both surrender to each other?

Sexual Desire & Lust

What is it about masculine energy that literally makes her wet instantly? How do you cultivate that energy in you? How does she feel the difference in you when you’re turned on? How can you feel lust and make her feel safe to want to bring you the pleasure you desire?

Dark Masculine

There’s a place a woman wants to go in pleasure that she can’t get to on her own. It’s nourishing to her soul there but she needs someone to lead her. How can you live on the edge of your comfort zone with the feminine and start pushing her comfort zone at the same time? How can you own all that you are and open her to all that she can be?

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How Does The Program Work?

A 12 session, 6 Month Group Coaching program with 8 men maximum.

May 23rd 2021
Jun: 6th, 20th
Jul: 11th, 25th
Aug: 8th, 22nd
Sep: 5th, 19th
Oct: 3rd, 17th
Nov: 7th

To learn how to hone your consistent masculine energy and evoke her feminine response.

Intelligent, caring men who are determined to create more connection, passion and intimacy in their life and relationships.

Where & How:
Join the group calls live from the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or wherever using Zoom online live video conferencing.

Who Are Dan & Alexis?

Alexis Shepperd

Dan Dore

An experienced group leader and men’s coach with Goodguys2Greatmen, Dan has coached hundreds of men through intense, deep growth and transformation.

Dan has personally gone through the very same growth process he takes his clients through and is dedicated to continuing to deepen his understanding and growth so he can better help men flourish in their lives and relationships.

Alexis Shepperd

Alexis Shepperd

Dr. Alexis Shepperd ( has worked with women individually and in groups for 20 years, founded and ran the renowned Authentic Woman Experience for many years and also has a wealth of experience coaching men and couples.

She has a PhD in psychology and an amazing understanding of how to help men and women identify and go for what they really want from life and relationships.

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