Steve Horsmon, Founder and Master Coach at Goodguys2Greatmen
Who Is Steve Horsmon?

I’m an ex-student, ex-engineer, ex-program manager, ex-corporate educator, and an ex-husband.

Just like you, I’ve been a good guy my whole life. Like all good guys I’ve worked hard, made a decent living and treated people kindly. I’ve tried to please everyone in my path – especially the women in my life.

I always thought that was the key to my success, satisfaction and happiness.

I was wrong…so VERY wrong.

What I’ve learned is what we have to offer you.

What do I Do?

I turn on the light for good guys who are struggling in their relationships with women.

Good guys call me when they have tried everything to rebuild the love and affection they want when all they have left is a kiss goodnight.

We go through an empowering step-by-step process to build your confidence in being the man your wife will appreciate and desire again.

And this is where the light will go on for you.

You will learn how to create the feelings of trust, presence and connection women crave and why the tactics you’ve been trying are making things worse.

Can We Help You?

Yes. How’s that for confidence?

My track record speaks for itself. You WILL become the man you want to be and you WILL have the life you want to have.

The ONLY men who don’t succeed in my program are the ones who quit.

There are THREE IMPORTANT THINGS you will learn in the beginning of the program.

Then there are SEVEN CRITICAL MAN SKILLS you will master before the end of the program.

Want to know more about those skills?

Go to Work With Steve and read all about it.

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Dan Dore, Master Coach and Strategic Consultant at Goodguys2Greatmen

Who Is Dan Dore?

Ever since becoming a father I’ve been on a path of learning and development to improve how I lead by example in my relationships with my wife and kids.

There have been many difficult moments and decisions along the way which led me to partner with Steve on defining the 1-to-1 and group coaching programs, retreats and overall strategy and direction for Goodguys2Greatmen.

I’m a men’s coach first and foremost because I care and I know I can help you get a better understanding of what you’re struggling with and move into a more exciting and fulfilling future.

I’ve been through many of the same challenges you have, from growing up as a man in today’s society, to learning how to keep the connection and passion in a marriage (now over 27 years) and also as a father of two young men and one young woman.

I place the health and wellbeing of each man I coach as my number one priority and intention.

What that means is that I promise to serve each of you more powerfully than any other person in your life is able to.

I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to challenge you to move away from the comfort and fear that you’ve found yourself trapped by, and to step into BEING the man that you LOVE to be.

I’m on your side but that also means that I’m not afraid to tell you what you need to face up to if you want to make fast improvements to your life and relationships.

I’m not afraid to say that I have an amazingly fulfilling job. I love being challenged to reconnect a man with his innate self-worth and bring out his true character and confidence.

It’s amazing how often I hear men say “I knew this relaxed, self-confident, funny, loving, generous and powerful man was inside me all this time, but I just lost trust in being myself and thought putting everyone else’s needs first would make them happy.”

What happens once a man is truly BEING the man he loves to be?

He laughs…A LOT
He gives and receives affection…A LOT
He is honest…ALWAYS
And he takes responsibility to CREATE relationships that reciprocate his values for a passionate and fulfilling life.
Ask me how I know…

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