Steve Horsmon Master Coach Googguys2GreatmenI want to personally introduce you to some of the most powerful men’s coaches in the world! These are men of deep wisdom, solid character and unmatched skills in coaching men through the toughest parts of their lives. They were hand picked by me based on their depth of intelligence and compassion. These coaches have dedicated a year of their life in an intense certification process in order to support my Goodguys2Greatmen community of men. I trust my life with them and, more importantly, I trust them with you.

It’s no secret that men around the world need qualified man-to-man support and mentorship now more than ever. As a result, I needed to train more coaches to keep up with the demand for high quality, transformational coaching for men. As we receive your application for a consultation call you may be matched up with one of these coaches from the start. We match applicants based on various things like geography, age, personal goals and background.

Each man you’re about to meet is the most caring, compassionate, intelligent, grounded and wise man you may ever know. I can’t wait for you to meet them!


Dan Dore - Master Coach Goodguys2GreatmenDan Dore – GG2GM Master Coach and Strategic Consultant

Hey men, I’m Dan Dore from Derbyshire, England. I’m fortunate to live near to some of the most beautiful, natural and ancient countryside in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.

Ever since becoming a father I’ve been on a path of learning and development to improve how I lead by example in my relationships with my wife and kids.

There have been many difficult moments and decisions along the way which led me to training to be a coach here at Goodguys2Greatmen with Steve. It was the best decision I have ever made – no question.

I’m a men’s coach first and foremost because I care and I know I can help you get a better understanding of what you’re struggling with and move into a more exciting and fulfilling future.

I’ve been through many of the same challenges you have, from growing up as a man in today’s society, to learning how to keep the connection and passion in a marriage (now over 23 years) and also as a father of two young men and one young woman.

I place the health and wellbeing of each man I coach as my number one priority and intention.

What that means is that I promise to serve each of you more powerfully than any other person in your life is able to.

I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to challenge you to move away from the comfort and fear that you’ve found yourself trapped by, and to step into BEING the man that you LOVE to be.

I’m on your side but that also means that I’m not afraid to tell you what you need to face up to if you want to make fast improvements to your life and relationships.

I’m not afraid to say that I have an amazingly fulfilling job. I love being challenged to reconnect a man with his innate self-worth and bring out his true character and confidence.

It’s amazing how often I hear men say “I knew this relaxed, self-confident, funny, loving, generous and powerful man was inside me all this time, but I just lost trust in being myself and thought putting everyone else’s needs first would make them happy.”

What happens once a man is truly BEING the man he loves to be?

He laughs…A LOT
He gives and receives affection…A LOT
He is honest…ALWAYS
And he takes responsibility to CREATE relationships that reciprocate his values for a passionate and fulfilling life.
Ask me how I know…




Neal Greenspan GG2GM Coach

Neal Greenspan – Certified GG2GM Coach

Hey! Neal Greenspan here, a love refugee (I moved 4058 miles across the Atlantic for love) who grew up on Long Island, just outside New York City and have been living in southern Sweden since 2004. I love the serenity and space I get from living in a great house in the countryside yet I’m only 25 minutes from Sweden’s 3rd largest city and another 20 to Copenhagen in Denmark.

My desire to help men by becoming a men’s coach was spurred by my own journey which has included one of the most important men I’ve ever had in my life among many others. After working with him for over 6.5 years, I took the leap and began coaching men myself in 2018. This path has taken me to places I never thought possible and has given me a confident, calm, masculine energy and a faith that I will live my life, on my terms, for the rest my life.

The biggest thing I learned was I needed to do this work for myself and release my grip on outcome dependence. When I stopped trying to “win my wife back,” I became happier and more content with life than ever before. It’s the ultimate freedom to feel like you don’t need anything from anyone else in order to be damn happy! And from this place, I can love more generously than ever before.

My life is now full, prosperous and I wake up every day (OK, well ALMOST every day 😊) ready to take on the world. I’ve stopped living waiting for life to happen to me and I’m now making it happen FOR me! No, my life isn’t perfect, nobodies is, but I can now tackle the less than perfect things in my life with a strength, clarity and passion which help me move through any issues more calmly and effectively.

I was a volunteer fireman for almost 15 years and I LOVED getting to help people. Working with other men who find themselves struggling, most often because of their personal relationships with their romantic partners, gives me great satisfaction at helping to guide them to their “aha moment” when they realize they are in sole control of their destiny, happiness and attitude about life, regardless of how their relationship works out.

I love working with different men because this journey is also about me continuing to learn and grow so I can serve men at the highest level. I want to work with you if you are open to new ideas and concepts and are willing to be honest, raw and go deep to make the changes to get what you most want from your life.

Clients often say to me “Damn, this stuff makes so much sense, I can’t wait to teach it to my kids.” As a father of 3, I can only nod in agreement when I hear this. They wish they had this knowledge years ago yet they soon realize they would not have been open to the message before the shit hit the fan. And, they realize they needed a man along side them to teach, guide and support them during the process of transforming their life into one of purpose, passion and joy!

My mission is to help change the discussion around masculinity and what it really means to be a man. This happens when you live your life on YOUR terms. You will become more “you” than ever before. And THAT is a mission worth living passionately for!




Jeff AllenJeff Allen – Certified GG2GM Coach

You’re thinking, “wtf just happened?”

She “loves you but not IN love with you.” She’s shutdown or overly critical. She doesn’t feel passion/connection/respect for you any more. (Read: Very little sex if any.)

I was you 5 years ago. In pain, confused, angry. I didn’t have anyone to talk with about this.

Then I found GoodGuys2GreatMen, and it changed my life.

I live steps away from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains here in Colorado. I have a phenomenal sex life, a fantastic relationship, and amazing connection with my woman.

Now I’m a professional men’s coach and have been working with men for over 2 years. I help guys from (literally) all around the world have fantastic relationships, phenomenal sex, and more respect.

I work with guys that have “tried to do everything right, but it ain’t working.” She may have already dropped the “D” bomb on you, or you fear it’s coming soon. You fear losing your girl. You fear losing your kids. You fear the shame of having a “failed relationship.” (What will people think?)

It’s time to reach out for help. I have helped dozens of men “take their balls out of her purse,” gain their self-respect, and have f@cking awesome relationships.

Now it’s your turn. Contact me now for a consult call. No strings attached.

Lotsa love, brother.
Jeff Allen

PS. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many clients of mine have said, “… and then we had sex for the first time in months!”




Dennis CollinsDennis Collins – Certified GG2GM Coach

I’m Dennis Collins and I live in the Kansas City area. I love being in the middle of the country and in Kansas City. Many think KC is a cow town. However, we have the Kauffman Center for the Performing arts, a symphony, a vibrant eclectic local art scene as well as professional sports teams and all major concerts and plays come through Kansas City.

About 16 years ago I was caught off guard when. My wife said, “I want a divorce”. We were the first couple of anyone I knew who was getting divorced. I had no one to talk to, no one to turn to. I went down a pretty deep dark hole. I was depressed didn’t know what or how to help myself and consider myself lucky and managed to escape the darkness.

A year or so later friends and others I knew started getting divorced. I saw men going down the same wrong path I went down into despair. I made it a point to talk to them personally and get them to understand it was going to be okay. I made it a point to do everything I could to keep them from going down as deep into the darkness is I did. This was the year I started inviting anyone recently separated or divorced to join me Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner if they were going to be alone. Honestly, this may have fed my soul as much as it helped these men.

I have for the last 7-10 years been looking for the right venue to turn my desire to help other men into the full-time coaching practice that I have now. Nothing seemed like the right fit until I found GG2GM. The focus on men’s confidence, masculinity and taking care of themselves 1st as a cornerstone to taking care of their family and relationships made it just feel right. It was a no brainer when I had the opportunity to become a coach under Steve and Dan’s guidance. I was hell yes from the get-go.

Now as I live my passion, my calling of helping men I’m also one of the prototypical happy divorced men Steve talks about. I have an amazing life filled with friends, family, travel, and beautiful women. I enjoy this life from a calm centered optimistic attitude do not apologize for being me.

I love helping men pass through what is the most difficult time of their lives. I love working with the guys who get the need to do the work on themselves, for themselves. I am always hell yes on those that dive in without judgment about how they used to be and work toward the amazing life ahead. There’s nothing more awesome than seeing them flip the switch and take charge of their lives.

My favorite client quote is without a doubt “it’s like I’ve been given a decoder ring and now understand what she means as I look back and realize it’s not all about me.”

My mission is to help men see the future is truly bright as long as they work on themselves. Often they are lost just needing somebody to act as their GPS to get them back on track. Part of the reason I do this work is I didn’t have anyone to do that for me and I went through a lot of additional pain suffering and almost threw a lot of good things away in my life.

One by one I strive to help men become a calm, confident, example of their wonderfully masculine self that leaves a legacy that lives on long after they are gone.