Living fearlessly

Living Fearlessly

Creating Your Best Decade Ever

A Year Long Course Starting April 2024

Your next decade can simply happen to you…
or YOU can happen to it.


The man who is Living Fearlessly is a man who wants his NEXT TEN YEARS to end with a certain “Declaration”…

Your next decade can simply happen to you…or YOU can happen to it. Your next decade will consist of many events and circumstances you never expected. And your memory of those events and circumstances will depend upon how you responded to them. The better you respond…the better the decade.

This decade isn’t a result of just having a good defense against the unexpected…it’s a result of a conscious OFFENSE…born from a compelling story that you haven’t told yet.

Is This For You?

What will exist in this world BECAUSE OF YOU?

Does that question piss you off or MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE in some way? (that means it’s important)

Are you determined to BE A GREAT MAN?

How will you know you’ve achieved the level YOU ARE CAPABLE OF?

Are you clear and confident about what you are USING YOUR LIFE FOR?

Do you know what your purpose is so clearly that you JUMP OUT OF BED EVERY DAY ready to live it?

Do you LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION on people just because of who you are and your passion and aliveness?

Do you want to have vision of your future that is SO POWERFUL it gives you goosebumps every day?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.


What’s The Problem?

Men like you have few real “problems” but if some of these statements intrigue you, then this may be just what you need.

Even though you’re successful…you’re BORED.

You’re a master at getting sh*t done…but you know that you’ve lost a bit of your positivity, playfulness, PASSION and enthusiasm.

You have many ideas about your future that intrigue and inspire you but you don’t take ACTION on them.

You know that you need MORE INITIATED MEN that are like you in your life.

You want men you can talk to about your deepest fears and CRAZIEST DREAMS.

You want men who can challenge your thinking, help you HONE YOUR VISION and hold you accountable.

You want men who make you FEEL MORE ALIVE, more focused, more fun and more engaged with life again.

You want to feel like your purpose of being here really MATTERS and will have an impact beyond material acquisitions.

Man looking bored and frustrated

The Challenges Ahead

Successful, generous, deep thinking men like you have always had a few challenges to face.

You know you want to live a life of adventure and continued personal growth but you get DISTRACTED by comfort and social media too easily.

You work really hard at making sure your responsibilities are handled but you still don’t feel fulfilled as a WHOLE man.

You are so busy taking necessary actions that you are rarely INSPIRED and act from that inspiration.

You know you are CAPABLE of creating a life filled with everything you want but you still hold back a little to avoid confrontation or “looking bad”.

Despite your apparent success, you still don’t quite trust your intuition and BELIEVE you can create what your heart wants.

You KNOW there’s something more inside you and you want help bringing out out into the world.

man dreaming about future adventures

Living Fearlessly &
Creating Your Best Decade Ever


This course is meant to help you become laser-focused, inspired and committed to creating YOUR VERSION of the “best decade ever”.

We are going to spend a year together crafting your personal “Holy Shit Mission” and implementing the strategic habits, healthy mindset, and inspired actions you need to stay on track.

During the course you will feel like a “Smirking Turtle”…a man who is slowly, surely and deliberately running the race HIS WAY…without fear, stress, drama or concern with what the “rabbits” are doing.

Below are the 12 “C’s” of creating your Best Decade Ever.

We believe when we embody and integrate these key traits into our daily intention, miracles can occur.

We believe the process should feel natural and congruent with your deepest values.

We believe it should feel easier than you ever thought.

We believe it should feel fun and inspiring to be living in the skin of a “Smirking Turtle”.

And in the year 2034, you’ll look back and smirk and say, “Holy Shit…let’s do it again!

1. Communication

Without clear, confident communication we get frustrated trying to create what we want.

Do you communicate EXACTLY what you want in every area of your life?

2. Creation

Without a story of our future that stirs some emotion inside us, we easily slip into passivity, avoidance and complaining at life.

Do you want to be so clear about what you REALLY want that you can’t help but be COMPELLED to keep creating it, little by little every day?

3. Courage

Without a deep trust in ourselves to follow through on the things we dream about, we play small and live in the shallow end of life.

Do you want to CULTIVATE an unshakeable belief in your ability to powerfully take action on those things that stir a passion inside you?

4. Commitment

Without making clear declarations of who we want to be and what we want to create, we lack the power to make it through the most difficult challenges.

Do you want to know your purpose here in this life so thoroughly that you no longer just hope, but instead you WILL your dreams into reality?

5. Consistency

Without an unwavering dedication to growing and learning what it will take to create what we want, we stay easily distracted, lose our motivation and with it our dreams disappear too.

Do you want to KNOW that you have what it takes and to trust that you will follow through on creating your dreams?

6. Confidence

Without rock solid self worth we feel tentative, unsure and we’re way more likely to experience life as an exhausting, unpredictable emotional rollercoaster.

Do you want to have a RELIABLE process to follow that you can trust will always make you feel confident even in situations that are new or unpredictable?

7. Connection & Community

Without access to other men who get you, who think like you and are ambitious natural leaders, we can only go as far as our personal perspective can imagine.

Do you want to have more GREAT MEN in your life who want to challenge and support you (as well as being challenged and supported BY you) in making your impossible dreams an achievable reality?

8. Comedy

Without a good sense of humor we tend to get drawn into the exhausting battle of trying to control our circumstances rather than focusing on controlling our experience of those circumstances.

Do you want to be so secure in yourself and your purpose that you are able to CHUCKLE when you make a mistake or when life throws a surprise curveball and then CALMLY continue on creating what you want next?

We want our laughter lines to tell a very real story about how much we enjoyed the last decade together, in fact we even went as far as to play with the AgingBooth App to see what we’ll look like (see for yourself below)…

9. Conviction

Without absolute commitment and belief in what we want to create we tend to avoid taking the necessary actions needed to make sure that it happens.

Do you want to be able to relax and TRUST that you WILL fill your calendar with the actions that will make the future you want a foregone conclusion?

10. Camaraderie

Without a tribe who actively shares and lives similar values and beliefs to us we tend to spend way too much time CONVINCING others to join our vision of the future.

Do you want to be closely connected to men who face life with the same open hearted and open minded freedom to relentlessly CREATE with a twinkle in your eye and a smirk on your face?

11. Comfortable Carnality

Without a shame-free acceptance of our drive, our red-blooded lusty wants and desires we can easily waste the gifts of our time, attention and sexual energy on fruitless avoidance of what we really want to create.

Do you want to be so comfortable in your sexual and sensual masculine nature that it PULSES THROUGH your life in every area, driving your passion and energy to create your best decade ever?

12. Celebration

Without being deliberate in recognizing and acknowledging the key transition points along the journey we can easily sabotage the momentum we need to keep creating what we want.

Do you want to have more support, more appreciation, more laughter and a whole lot of fun GUARANTEED for the next 10 years?

We do, and we’d love to do it with YOU!


This is the place for you if…

You want to spend more time with people who inspire YOU, not only people you can inspire. You’re not afraid of failure.

You thrive on challenges.

You are willing to put action before perfection.

You’re a rule-breaker. You’re willing to do the opposite of what others do.

You love to play and have fun.

You want to create a new story of your future.

You want to create a life that reflects your core values.

You want to avoid people-pleasing and live more powerfully with purpose and direction.

You want to create more freedom, more flexibility and more connection with people.

You want to practice the wisdom of slowing down and creating space.


Your Player Coaches: Steve Horsmon and Dan Dore

Steve & Dan Have A Guiding Belief In This Work

Life is too short to play small. Life is too short to live in a way that doesn’t honor your spirit, support your values and inspire you to higher levels of health, well-being and success.

In the legendary race between the tortoise and the hare, everyone knows what happens in the end.

The tortoise’s slow, steady, consistent, unbroken focus on the prize wins the race.

The hare, on the other hand, is hurried, distracted, unfocused and overly confident. In the end, he loses the race as the tortoise surprisingly makes more efficient use of his time and efforts.

The moral of the story?

Slow and steady wins the race.

Simple enough. Be deliberate, be consistent, be steady and focus simply on moving forward…and you’ll get what you want.

We believe that’s great and mostly true. And…we believe there’s a deeper lesson available in the story.

The “Smirking Turtle” has a much lighter, more playful, fearless and detached view of the world and himself.

Why would he even enter the race to begin with? It’s a hopeless competition!

Nobody in his right mind would even consider it. It’s not fair or reasonable!

Yet, the “Smirking Turtle” doesn’t concern himself with the anxious, worrisome self-doubts that come with a competitive mindset. He is winking at the universe with a deeper awareness of what REALLY constitutes “success” or “failure” for him.

His decision to enter the race has nothing to do with the question of winning or losing.

His ability to be both fearless and detached from the conventional measures of success is what allows him to shuffle up to the starting line in the first place…with a smirk on his face.

And while he ends up winning the race, the deeper lesson is this:

“It’s not whether you win or lose…it’s how you play the game.”

What if you were to “smirk” your way through the next 10 years…fully aware that you’re playing the game on your terms?

What if you lost all attachment to conventional measures of “success” and became fearless and playful in the face of anxious thoughts and self-doubts?

Would you be willing to shuffle up to the starting line of a 10-year race in which you can play all out, create whatever you want and not possibly “lose”?

What’s Next..?

Decide now if you want to play all out with an extraordinary group of men.

Decide now if you want to learn how to adopt a deeper, whole-hearted, purposeful and principle centered approach to creating your best decade yet.

Decide now if you want to naturally laugh when life throws you a curveball and feel calm and supported and inspired more powerfully than ever before.

Decide now if you want to transform your ideas and passions into a lifestyle of slowly, consistently fulfilling those deepest desires and personal values.

Components of the Living Fearlessly Course

This is a one-year program organized around the Twelve C’s of creating a compelling vision and story of the decade you have yet to live.

PHASE I – Year One: Setting the Foundation and Crafting the Story of Your Best Decade Ever

We will work together for a year, initially for 2 x 90 minute sessions each month for the first 6 months and then a single two-hour session every month for the next 6 months. You will end the year with the most detailed, exciting and compelling story of the life you most want to live.

PHASE II – Years Two through 10: Consciously, Carefully and Mindfully Creating Your Best Decade Ever

We will formally meet each quarter as we take this journey together as a group – supporting, cheering, encouraging and believing in each other. We will stay connected, awake and aware all along the way. We will challenge each other and stand together with every man’s successes and failures. We will be driven by our commitment to the Best Decade Ever brotherhood.

You will develop and share personal and specific goals for your own 10-year transformation.

You will create ideas from a place of fun, fearlessness and detachment from outcome.

You will have a private WhatsApp group for sharing, following up and additional coaching challenges.

You will have a blanket of support at all times to help you stay focused and on track.

You will have the opportunity to share your gifts and insights with others as a VIP guest at the First Annual GG2GM 10-Year Crusade Event.

Our Promise…

You will be so clear and confident in your mission that you’ll feel like you have an unfair advantage.

You will laugh – a lot – and learn how to use FUN to eliminate stress and drama. This will make you significantly more EFFECTIVE.

You will have your own personal “board of directors” to challenge your thinking, your strategy and your commitment to your own goals.

You will build more self-respect, self-trust and self-satisfaction which will build more trust, respect and connection in all of your relationships.

We will help you master the specific mindset, tactics, skills and strategies that help you create your best decade ever!

If you truly want it, we guarantee that you will experience everything you want — you will have the BEST 10 years of your life!!



12 monthly installments of $700 (total investment $8400)