The Goodguys2Greatmen Masculine Mastery Scorecard

Hey brother,

Yeah, it’s some 60-year-old dude from the sticks of Colorado calling you, “brother”.

Why is that?

Because the very first time a man I really trusted and respected gave me a hug and called me “brother” it made me cry.

And I’m never going to forget that. I’ll never forget the power of feeling invited into a brotherhood where everyone is safe, everyone gets each other and everyone’s voice matters.

That’s what the Goodguys2Greatmen community means to me and the men who choose to come here.

Welcome, brother! (virtual hug)

What does it mean to be a “great man” anyway? And by what standards is that measured? And who has the right to make such a judgement about your “manliness”?

We believe the road to becoming the “great man” you want to be must be paved very carefully with the governing VALUES and PRINCIPLES by which you choose to live your life. Almost sounds “religious”, doesn’t it?

Not really, but it takes a leap a faith to jump into a community of men who have certain standards for their way of thinking and being.

We’ve developed a quick way for you to assess where you are in the evolution of becoming a Great Man.

The Goodguys2Greatmen Masculine Mastery Scorecard was developed after years of input from men on what their journey looked like.

There are FOUR DISTINCT phases that occur on your journey from the basic “Good Guy” to “Great Man”.

These are:

These are where major shifts in your thinking happen and major shifts in your effectiveness in the world happen.

I invite you to spend a few minutes answering the questions in this quiz which covers 12 specific categories of your personal experience as a man.

After you’ve taken the test, you will be able to access a personalized assessment of your current place on the journey along with some free videos and some recommended resources hand picked for you.

No strings attached. We will give you immediate results and also some options to access more information that could actually help you TODAY. Seriously. It happens all the time!

Lotta love, brother,
Steve Horsmon