Sexless Marriage Advice For Men

Sexless marriage is a phrase that can cause a sudden, unexpected knot of shame and anxiety to appear in your gut. The words “sexless” and “marriage” aren’t supposed to be in the same sentence…are they? Yet it’s one of the most popular Google searches by both men AND women in struggling relationships.

Other men who’ve walked this road can teach us a lot about how to handle it, how to improve it and how to feel better about your situation instantly.

A sexless marriage is a common condition!

In the video interview below that I did with Silke Schwarzkopf of 2nd ACT TV (for people over 50) we both share our own experiences with sexless marriages.

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Looking back at the interview, I was surprised how damn comfortable I’ve become talking about it, sharing my experience and talking with women about it.

It’s no longer a deep, dark, shameful secret hiding in my soul.

Becoming clear, confident and comfortable in how I THINK and TALK about it has been the #1 cure for my “condition”

It’s a paradox.

The more comfortably vulnerable we get with a particular pain or discomfort, the less power it has over us.

That means being open, honest and vulnerable about your sex life is a STRENGTH…not a weakness.

You can use this strength to become a more calm, patient, self-assured, self-respecting and unapologetically sexual man.

This is a man with natural mojo. It’s what you may have had at the beginning of the relationship and it’s what fades quickly after the wedding.

And that’s where this video begins.

I had a blast in this interview which you may notice when you watch it.

(leave a comment for Silke while you’re at it)

Relationships and Intimacy after 50: Dealing with a Sexless Marriage? What Men Need to Know!

“I wish I knew this stuff when I was 30!”

That’s one of the most common sentiments we get from men in our community.

I’ve said it too.

Watching two 50-somethings talk about sex may seem irrelevant to you. But it’s the screwing up and finding solutions that bring wisdom.

The KEY THING about learning how to be comfortably vulnerable is knowing who you can trust.

You might make the mistake of thinking you should unleash your sack of dark and scary feelings about sex with your wife.

Yeah. I said it’s a mistake.

You might say, I thought I was supposed to be able to be open and honest with my wife?? Isn’t that what she wants!!??

No. In this case, it is NOT what she wants. Not right now. (maybe later)

She needs you to figure this out on your own.

Old Sage Sexless Marriage Advice For Men: She Wants To FEEL (Not Talk About) Your Transformation.

When you transform from a desperate, frustrated, tentative, angry, eggshell walking man into a patient, calm, deliberate, happy, sexually confident man, that’s when you will have her full attention.

No words required.

This new you will be the result of you becoming open and honest with other men who have been in your shoes.

It feels safe, strong, welcoming and wise. There is nothing you can say that is wrong, weird, stupid or silly.

Nothing. And this is where a man learns the truth about his old way of being and how it constantly messed up his romantic life.

This is where men learn that the next 30 years of life is going to be pretty flippin’ amazing!

Want to instantly feel better about your situation? It’s pretty dam sexy when a man walks his talk and feels good about it. The old masters have sexless marriage advice for men…Listen to it! Put it into practice. Connect with men who can SHOW you how a sexy man thinks and behaves. Enjoy how good it feels connecting with men who’ve walked in your shoes.

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