Heads, Married. Tails, Divorced. Call it in the air… — 2 Comments

  1. When reading this article my mind wandered to a wedding I went to once many years ago that when the preacher was talking with the couple getting married he said to both the man and the woman with sincere heart, ” The purpose of a marriage between a man and a woman is for both the man and the woman to give to the marriage 100% of everything to their marriage.

    I took that as giving unconditionally to each other through out the rest of time. For both the man and the woman to give respect, honor, love, honesty, understanding, consideration, trust, and anything else that may cross their paths throughout their marriage to each other 100%. Not for the marriage to be 50% him and 50% her to meet in the middle. But for both the man and woman to go all the way in the relationship.

    Through the years of my marriage I have remembered that day and that thought. I try to do that for my marriage and even though I do not feel it back at times in my marriage. I must be true to myself and to my spouse to do my best to be the 100% person in my marriage and in my life this also works. There is such happiness in being the one that gives. Because as it goes those who are the givers receive even more for they will see the cup always half full instead of half empty.

    • What a great memory and story! 100% + 100%…love it…unstoppable! Thanks, Cindy.