Are You a Woman Who Deserves a Great Man? — 2 Comments

  1. You really tell it like it is. So many women, and men, give away their responsibility, expecting and even demanding that their partner do all the changing and all the work to make the relationship better. Asking for change, bringing up the issues, challenging the status quo is not taking responsibility, as you call it “taking ownership” of the relationship. It is adding to and even exacerbating the problems. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Your coaching questions and style truly focus on what really counts and what really works toward building a great relationship.


    Dr. Erica

    • Hey Doc!
      Thanks for reading and for your supportive words. I like your phrase…”giving away their responsibility”! That becomes hard when a person learns how WONDERFULLY your life and relationships change for the better when you TAKE responsibility. Nice. Thanks!