FREE Live Tribe Brotherhood Group Calls

It’s a very simple concept.

Men need other men for support, guidance, encouragement and brotherly love.


And especially when sh*t hits the fan…say… like a global pandemic, we need each other more than ever.

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That’s why we are continuing our free, live men’s group support Zoom calls for connection, conversation, sharing and laughing.

Every week, one of our coaches from all over the world will be hosting a 90-minute session.  The coaches will introduce a topic to kick things off, but we want YOU to be a part of the conversation, so bring your questions and concerns to the brotherhood.

This is open to ANY MAN reading this…not just guys in the coaching community. We want you to experience the power of being with other INITIATED, smart, conscious, caring men.

Guys just like you.

Below are the details for the upcoming sessions.  We dare you to make all of these!

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Welcome To The Live Tribe Free Community Zoom Call!

Hi Live Tribe Men,

This weekend Coach Garrett Prettyman will host a Live Tribe Zoom call.

How To Seductively ‘Man Up’ In A Strained Relationship (Plus 1 MAJOR pitfall to avoid)

  • GAME – What is it & should you use it?
  • Leadership through body awareness
  • The instant solution to the times when you’re not feeling confident 
  • Fake it till you make it vs owning your shortcomings
  • How to grow your confidence from the inside out
The soft, affectionate, warm, vulnerable graces of a woman’s essence remain locked in a high tower until she senses a strong knight at the door. 
Not any man can approach this door! 
Guarding the tower is a fire-breathing dragon. 
The bones of men who attempted to slay the dragon lay piled before the gate.
Where you stand is cold, the air reeks of death, and the sun is darkened. 
To reach the warm, intoxicating room of your lover you’ll need a SECRET the men who went before you didn’t have. 
This Saturday, September 16th at 5:00 PM Pacific, Mark Drezga & Garrett Prettyman will discuss two forms of masculine confidence. Men must master both sides of the coin to be irresistibly seductive! There’s a pitfall that’s easy to slip into when doing this. Tune in Saturday so you can be prepared to avoid this mistake! 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 872 5501 6053

Time: Sep 16, 2023 05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Mountain Time, MT                    Sat, Sep 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm MDT
Eastern Time, ET                         Sat, Sep 16, 2023 at 8:00 pm EDT
Central Time, CT                         Sat, Sep 16, 2023 at 7:00 pm CDT
London, United Kingdom            Sun, Sep 17, 2023 at 10:00 am AEST
Australian Eastern Time, AET    Sun, Sep 17, 2023 at 10:00 am AEST