Should You Stay or
Should You Go?

Steve Horsmon and Wayne Levine of BetterMen Coaching (men’s life coach and author of Hold On To Your N.U.T.sThe Relationship Manual for Men) have teamed up to bring you the most honest, straight-forward, deep thinking and emotionally intelligent discussion about one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. 

Steve Horsmon

This is a highly personalized coaching conversation created with the promise of giving you the clarity, confidence and emotional strength to make the hardest decision of your life.

Choosing to stay in a relationship or to end a relationship must be a clear, value-based decision made from compassion and love…not anger or fear.

Most men lack clarity about their own personal principles and we can suffer tremendous anxiety and  sadness to the point of feeling stuck in quicksand.

You will finally achieve the insight, understanding, confidence and courage to make the right choice.

We believe how you handle this stage of life and relationship largely defines your next chapter in life.   

And we want you to feel proud of yourself for how you navigate this incredibly difficult time.


  • Four, 90-minute live Zoom sessions with interactive Q&A at the end of each session
  • All sessions are on Saturdays:  July 26th – August 3rd – 17th – 24th at 9:00am Pacific Time US.
  • A 1-hour one-on-one coaching session included with premium course package



One-time fee of $775 for basic course including all sessions and bonuses above.

One-time fee of $995 for everything above plus a 1-hour personal coaching intensive with Wayne or Steve.

While each discussion session will be moderated to answer YOUR questions, it is likely we will be covering important topics like the ones below.  If you believe you are facing any one of these challenges, this conversation is for you.

Mental and Emotional Health Considerations:

  • Personality Disorders
  • Menopause
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Childhood Trauma

Distrust, Disconnection, Arguments and Toxic Behavior

  • Emotional safety and rebuilding trust
  • “Conflict Management” aka. How to Stop Arguing!
  • Do you want “reconciliation” or something better?
  • What is “abuse” and where should you draw the line?

Sexless Marriage?

  • Understanding Lost Desire and Attraction
  • Rebuilding Real Intimacy to Restore Trust and Desire
  • Understanding Sexual Shame, Pain and Fear
  • How to know if the dry spell is temporary or permanent

Infidelity – Yours or Hers

  • Is this the ultimate deal killer?
  • How men and women think about sex differently
  • How can trust be restored and who’s job is it?
  • Dealing with the torment of jealousy and betrayal