Relationship Help and Advice for Men

  • Your wife is saying “I like you but don’t love you anymore.”
  • Your wife/girlfriend does not want to have sex with you and you think your sex life stinks!
  • Your wife/girlfriend acts unattracted to you.
  • Your wife is saying “We don’t have a connection!”
  • You’re feeling no appreciation or respect for your hard work.
  • Your wife is saying, “I think of you more as a roommate or brother than a lover.”
  • Your kids are constantly disrespectful and hurtful toward you.



Awaken Her Sexuality Surviving Her Affair Mastering Your Divorce Winning Her Heart Again


 Learn How To Be A Better Man

I Will Help You Understand Things
You Will NEVER Hear In Marriage Counseling.

I Will Reveal Secrets That Your Wife Wishes She Could Tell You Herself – But She Can’t!

My Mission
Give YOU The Confidence And Skills To Create A Respectful, Trusting, And SEXUAL
Relationship AND A More Passionate, Inspired, And Successful Life

The Other Reasons You May Be Here…

  • You feel sad and desperate to save your relationship.
  • Anger and arguing dominate your relationship.
  • You’ve been thinking a lot about splitting up.
  • You think SHE has been thinking about splitting up.
  • You have found texts or emails that reveal that she’s having an emotional or physical affair.
  • You want to learn how to be a better man
If you relate to even ONE of the above statements you are in a safe place now.  This is where you can finally talk about it.

You need to talk with someone who gets it.  That someone is me. You will get the answers, explanations, and solutions you are looking for.

You will learn the what, why, and HOW to navigate the frustrating gap between your domestic life and your intimate life.

What Others Are Saying…

As a result of Steve’s “masculinity tune up” program I identified areas where I need to “man up” in my marriage. Probably due to lack of my own dad’s example and mentoring on how to be a man, for the better part of my 11 year marriage I had been unknowingly exhibiting some boyish behavior in my interactions with my wife which I blamed her for (her “moods”, lack of interest in sex, physical and emotional distance, etc).  

I too, had become angry and lashed out verbally at her and she was not feeling safe.  I did not want a divorce but couldn’t imagine staying married the way things were, and basically had resolved to “get through it” for the sake of our three young kids.  I was pretty desperate for some change and stumbled upon one of Steve’s comments on Huffington Post and began reading his site.  I was skeptical at first.  I’m a confident, self-made, urban guy and I’ve never used a coach before but needed help and figured what the hell do I have to loose… let’s give this wife-whispering cowboy a shot.  It’s not like I was going to talk to one of my recently divorced buddies about this stuff over a beer.  

Through the “tune up” program I realized I wasn’t seeing my part in the problem, and the strength I had to change the situation by changing my own behavior.  Steve’s coaching challenged me by revealing some of the things I was overlooking about my marriage, my wife’s needs, and pointed me toward a more manly response.  He gave me the inside track on what she was looking for as a woman and what she would respond to.  

By following some simple guidelines, doing reading assignments, and having some very good long talks with Steve I started changing my behavior… and my wife responded.  She opened up more.  She started getting the emotional safety and security she needs and I was beginning to be able to have sex with my wife again.  Things aren’t perfect but three months later we’re definitely on the path to healing and I no longer feel like I’m sharing a bed with an angry roommate.  There’s a spark again, we’re a lot more connected, and I think we both see the possibility of a long future together.  I don’t want to make this sound easy. There were some some big steps I needed to take toward her, and some ingrained reactions I am daily attempting to change.  But I am seeing surprising results.

I’d very much recommend working with Steve if you’re in a rough spot in your marriage and need some sage advice from a wise dude.  But only if you’re willing to listen, look at yourself, and possibly take some difficult actions.  He’s a man’s man who’s not afraid to call you out on your shit.  But don’t be fooled by the cowboy hat, his advice is always given with the kindest of words, funny anecdotes about his own foibles, and the best of intentions. If you willing to go on the journey with Steve it’s a great ride.

Giddy Up!

Tom K. – Los Angeles

When I first contacted Steve I thought I would get a blueprint to follow to change my relationship, do X and get Y. After our first conversation I realized it was so much more than that.  After talking with Steve I have a new way to look at many aspects of my relationship and myself as well.  Steve is extremely easy to talk with and be open to, partially because he’s been there and isn’t afraid or ashamed to talk about his own life. He is a great listener and has thoughtful advice that is specific to my situation. I highly recommend his programs for any man, you’ll be happy that you took the chance and called him.

Paul S. – Minnesota  (read more testimonials here)



Awaken Her Sexuality Surviving Her Affair Mastering Your Divorce Winning Her Heart Again


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