97.7% of men don’t know the secrets to fixing these things.


5 Secrets of an
Unhappy Wife

plus another secret bonus and discover:

  1. How she feels your negative energy and what you can do about that tonight.
  2. The truth (and good news) about your wife’s interest in sex she’s not telling you.
  3. Why her attraction to you increases when you decide to take charge.
  4. The ONE feeling she needs most before she can trust you and feel sexy with you.
  5. Seven things she wishes you knew when she is not in the mood.

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7 results all of my clients report:

  1. I stopped wasting my time doing things that were not important to me.
  2. I got clear about what I REALLY wanted and learned how to get there.
  3. I became more present and experienced romantic tension and passion again.
  4. I started asking for what I really wanted at home and LOST THE FEAR of her reactions.
  5. I woke up each day with clarity and started doing things that lit a fire in my belly.
  6. I got my swagger back and wasn’t afraid to say what I expected.
  7. My confidence exploded and is changing every part of my life – not just my marriage.


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What Others Are Saying

If you get the chance to work with Steve Horsmon, at GoodGuys2GreatMen, you ought to jump at it, because he is the real deal, folks! I originally sought him out because I needed a man to whom to send some of my male clients. He has since started coaching women too. He quickly became the first and only person I recommend my clients talk with when it comes to relationship issues – b/c I trust him.

The short list of things I like about Steve: In your very first conversation with him, he gives you concrete, action-steps to take to begin changing your life and relationships for the better. He is always in his strong, masculine energy while at the same time having an open heart. He encourages his clients to be the person in the relationship to get over themselves and just ‘go first’ – make that first step to change. He’s one of those people that as soon as you meet him and talk a minute or two, you know you can totally trust him and open up to him. And in fact, as peers and friends, I learn something of value every time we interact.

Grace Cooley, CHt, Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Psychotherapist
I found Steve while being in the midst of the self-development process and on the path to improve my marriage. I was already familiar with some main concepts that Steve was advocating but I have been overwhelmed with different strategies and techniques learned from various sources.

Steve helped me clear up my mind, helped me believe in myself and designed a specific action plan that best fit my particular situation. Steve has gained a great insight into a complex nature of man-woman relationships and has knowledge and tools to help men improve themselves. Steve’s listening and understanding skills, his knowledge, compassion and dedication to my situation was beyond my most optimistic expectations. After each of my sessions with Steve I felt tremendous uplift, confidence and clear vision of what I needed to succeed in resolving my issues.

In my opinion Steve earned himself a place among the best life coaches on the market today and I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for getting a top notch life and marital advice.

L.S., Canada
When I first contacted Steve I thought I would get a blueprint to follow to change my relationship, do X and get Y. After our first conversation I realized it was so much more than that. After talking with Steve I have a new way to look at many aspects of my relationship and myself as well. Steve is extremely easy to talk with and be open to, partially because he’s been there and isn’t afraid or ashamed to talk about his own life. He is a great listener and has thoughtful advice that is specific to my situation. I highly recommend his programs for any man, you’ll be happy that you took the chance and called him.
Paul S., Minnesota
During my first phone call with Steve I was in tears at some moments about my relationship and general emotional status. However, on that call I also felt really comforted by the possibilities of working toward being a better man and getting my woman back. I just finished my 4th meeting with Steve… I’m not yet fully back with this woman that I love, but I am now calm, confident, and actually looking forward to diffusing any and all potential situations that might arise when I interact with her. I’m enjoying my life for myself and enjoying the time that I spend with her. Reaching out to Steve and other men is a great step toward being the man you want to be for yourself and all those surrounding you. I know I’ll still need more moving forward (and forever)… but I’m excited about it. Thanks Steve!
Gabe, New Orleans
My wife was told about Steve Horsmon from a friend. We both knew some things in our marriage needed to change but weren’t sure where to start. After looking at the goodguys2greatmen website, reading some articles and following Steve on Facebook, we felt like this might be a step in the right direction for me. After some discussion, we decided Steve’s Masculinity Tune-Up might be a good fit for me and so that was her gift to me for Valentine’s Day.

This program showed me that I was no longer the man my wife married and she was taking on more and more responsibilities because I wasn’t “manning up.” Not only did Steve help me realize that I needed to change for my relationship but also for myself. Through some great coaching, I have been able to make a U-turn in my entire life.

I feel like I am becoming the man I want to be and my relationship is improving because of it. My only regret is that I lost some good years with my wife. The Masculinity Tune-up has helped me realize that the future will not be lost and I am looking forward to many fantastic years ahead with my wife. I not only appreciate Steve as a life coach but he has now become my friend.

Steve, Wyoming