Purpose:  Help you become a powerful and profitable coach serving men around the world, achieving financial independence and creating a mission so powerful it keeps you awake at night.

GG2GM Values:

  • We transform THINKING – we don’t solve their problems for them
    *Transformational coaching vs. remedial coaching or consulting


  • If you fully commit to this, there is no way you won’t be a powerful coach with a sustainable coaching business


  • You must feel so passionate about this that you would do it for FREE


  • Expect late nights and early mornings


  • Sacrificing personal time and family time


  • We are not planning to do this again – We want only a handful of powerful men to take this MOVEMENT FORWARD and GLOBALIZE IT.


  • Some of you may be so committed that you can become a strategic, affiliate member of the GG2GM movement bringing your own passion and zone of genius.


Where do you fit into the GG2GM Menu of Offerings?

The 3 possible paths:

1.  Take what you’ve learned and go your own way

2.   Go your own way and pay commissions for referrals provided by GG2GM

3.  Become GG2GM affiliate business (strategic business to business relationship)





$20K investment – 12 month apprenticeship  ($2000/mo payment for 10 months)

  • Commit to earning at least $10K of that coaching your ass off with qualified prospects we provide.
  • Learn the ropes of serving and inspiring men to work with you after a 1-hour call.
  • Learn how to quickly filter and decline working with certain types of men.  
  • It is possible you could MAKE MONEY at the end of the year.
  • Learn the skill of demonstrating your value and stating your coaching rate clearly, confidently and convincingly



What we will be teaching and experiencing during the year:

The Inner Game VS. The Outer Game of successful coaching and business


  • Witnessing and delivering powerful coaching
  • How to speak clearly and unapologetically about what you do
  • The “Process” is the Sailboat Journey metaphor – leaving one island for a better one
  • The “Personal Transformation Components” are the Scorecard milestones
  • This coach training will model the process you will be using
  • Consultation calls and easily converting prospects into happy paying clients
  • How to “run” the consultation calls for service and commitment
  • How to write session notes they read 5 times a day between calls
  • How to support a man between calls to maintain connection, give support and create loyalty
  • Managing your own energy, time and mojo
  • What to do when you don’t feel like coaching
  • Listening vs. Coaching
  • Asking powerful questions instead of giving smart answers
  • How to “follow the energy” of a coaching call and trust your inner wisdom
  • Understanding Personality Styles (Myers Briggs vs. DISC vs. Enneagram)
  • How to listen to understand – hear the question behind the question…the fear behind the fear
  • How to question limiting beliefs
  • Inside Out Thinking and understanding The Three Principles
  • Reading your ass off (new books – new insights)
  • Pushing them out of their comfort zone
  • Pushing YOU out of your comfort zone
  • Internalizing the phrase:  “You’ll never take any clients farther or deeper than you’ve been willing to take yourself or allow someone else to take you.”
  • Creating the impossible – vision of the future
  • How to introduce and use the Holy Shit letter
  • Deep dive into understanding Masculine/Feminine energy
  • How to talk about Red Pill and MGTOW philosophy
  • Self-reliance and how to coach/teach it
  • How to coach “confidence” and how to think about it differently
  • NUTs or Masculine Operating Principles – how to dig deeper into their value system
  • Teaching the difference between “standards” and “rules”
  • How to teach the “Nice Guy” philosophy and how to work a client through their tortured past
  • The role of shame and the difference between shame and guilt
  • How to address mental/emotional/addiction issues with clients
  • When to refer a client to therapy instead of coaching
  • How to address real issues of physical abuse
  • Teaching men about “emotional abuse”, “gaslighting”, and “narcissistic behavior”.
  • How to set firm boundaries, clearly state your standards and create consequences
  • How to speak without fear, anger or resentment in your body or voice
  • Getting real about sexual performance, shame, anxiety and ED issues
  • How to teach the idea of MISSION and why it matters
  • How to teach tools for awareness, empathy and presence.  Reading feminine energy.
  • The Drama Triangle and standing outside as an observer
  • How to coach around infidelity, affairs and how to deal with the reality and the emotions
  • How to coach men through intensely devastating emotions (How could she!!)
  • How to coach the topic of dating during or after divorce
  • Coaching vulnerability and the power it has


How to use the works of:

  • Levine
  • Glover
  • DeAngelis
  • Neill
  • Beechers
  • Deida
  • Perel
  • Litvin
  • Jones
  • Olson
  • Brown
  • Armstrong
  • Groover
  • Brody
  • Robbins
  • Chapman
  • Frankl
  • Brandon
  • Pransky
  • Johnson
  • Katz
  • Chandler
  • 20 others



  • How to THINK about this niche and what it wants. Do you have aspirations beyond coaching men?
  • Copywriting
  • Articles vs Emails – making them powerful
  • Bullet writing
  • Video production
  • Web site design
  • Messaging target clients
  • Authenticity
  • Time management
  • Scheduling clients
  • Electronic tools (autoresponder, web hosting, payment systems, etc)
  • How to show up as a powerful, magnetic, valuable coach
  • Money!  What to think of it and how to handle emotions around it.
  • Marketing vs. “Sales”
  • How to LOVE selling without actually selling
  • Writing KILLER summary notes for you and them and WHY these are critical
  • Motivation…laziness…self-doubt…mojo management
  • Setting client boundaries on contacting you – response time, etc.
  • How to stay their coach and not their “friend”
  • Hiding nothing and holding nothing back with your own story and vulnerability
  • When to share personal details and when not to
  • What to do when clients cancel, don’t do homework or expect you to tell them what to think
  • Relative merits of phone vs. video calls
  • Handling shitty phone reception or phone manners
  • Creating your own products for sale (courses, ebooks, etc)
  • What to give away as your list building tool
  • Money management, expenses, and legal considerations
  • Insurance?
  • Waivers?
  • Coaching agreements or contracts?
  • Advertising
  • How much information to you “give away”?
  • Pros and Cons of partnering with other practioners
  • JV partners and affiliate marketing