Join the Goodguys2Greatmen
Masters Council


The benefits of becoming a full time paid member of the Masters Council:

  • A committed tribe of initiated men who bring trust, empathy, unconditional acceptance and wisdom to the support and betterment of all members
  • Focused on personal growth and the development of conscious, secure, mature men on a mission to create a satisfying and inspired life
  • Learning and transformation through service to each other
  • Challenge each other to expand our “possibilities” by challenging our perspectives and thought processes
  • A place to face accountability for who you are being and how you are showing up
  • Support each other in defining and achieving a bigger dream or mission in life
  • Acknowledge and face hidden fears and triggers holding you back from taking inspired action to create what you really want
  • Access to GG2GM junior community members (via The Roundtable) to act as mentors and leaders in that Facebook group
  • Get inspired to CONNECT beyond your current circle of high quality men and women.
  • Secret Master’s Council Facebook group separate from larger community for privacy and support.
  • Focus on specific topics of interest like: Masculinity/Feminity, Maturity, Self-Reliance, Conscious Relationships, Sexuality, Confidence, Purpose, Mission, Spirituality, Parenting, Masculinity and Aging, “What it means to be a woman”, MONEY!!!!… anything we want
  • Reading list and possible “Book of the month”. Book reviews and presentations by members as they desire.


What’s the Cost?

The cost is $39 per month for one 90-minute live Zoom video session per month.

When are the Sessions?

We start on Monday 6th January 2020 at 1pm MST and future calls will run every month at the same time on Mondays.

2020 dates are:
6th January
3rd February
2nd March
6th April
4th May
1st June
6th July
3rd August
7th September
5th October
2nd November
7th December

Your Next Step:

Click on the Subscribe button below which will take you to Paypal, enter your payment details for the first $39 payment to secure your spot in the 2020 Masters Council.

** Your card will be charged on the same day each month until you decide to cancel at which point access to the resources and Secret Facebook Group will be discontinued.