What’s With The Horse?

Working with horses has taught me a ton about women and relationships in general.  Everything makes total sense now.

The one thing you have to know about horses to build a strong,trusting, connected, mutually satisfying relationship is this.


Every single aspect of your relationship with a horse is a reaction to who you are and how you are being.

If you don’t get that you’ll believe that everything that happens in relation to that horse is outside your control. You’ll think the horse is an insane, irrational, over-reactive bag of fear and anger.  You will feel like you have no ability to create a new reality.

And so it is with women.

And so it is with every single aspect of your life.

My mission is to teach you this so you can create a better reality for yourself.

I’m not saying others don’t have responsibility for how they show up with you. Of course, they do. But you have total control over how you choose to respond to their choices and behavior. And when you realize and embrace that secret power of yours, everything will start to change for you.

I want you to become a highly capable, competent, relaxed leader of your own life so you can have more of everything you want.  I want you to feel so calm, deliberate and pleased in your own skin that nothing rattles you anymore.

Do you want that for you?

Here’s the problem most of us men are facing.

We’ve been taught that circumstances simply occur to us and the best we can do is react to them. In other words, most men think the world happens to them.  They don’t know how to happen to the world.

A man can change his own circumstances anytime he wants.

But there are two reasons men don’t do this:

  1. They don’t know how and have never been taught.
  2. They are secretly afraid of the consequences – afraid of what other people will think, say or do in reaction to them.

The key to you changing your current circumstances and becoming a man who gets what he wants is facing those two barriers now – not later.

And when you do, I can promise you, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.