My Wife Said All You Want Is Sex

Has your wife said all you want is sex, and then you’ve felt that rush of shame and start defending yourself or arguing with her as to why she “should” want sex? Then this article is for you…

Are you a man who has been diagnosed by women as having “Sex Brain?” What the hell does that even mean anyway?

What the hell is “Sex Brain”?

Simply put it is the crystal clear perception from a woman that the only kind of connection a man is truly interested in is a sexual connection. He wants to have sex with her.  Above all else, this is more important to him than any other type of connection.  It happens in both single and married men every – single – day.

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Guys with “Sex Brain” will deny it. They will pretend to care about other things. They will act cool. They will play “the game”. They will blame her for being unattracted to him. They will attack her femininity and libido.

Super shy guys can emit the “Sex Brain” pheromone just as easily as super confident guys. Marital status and experience level do not matter.

“Sex Brain” is especially common in single men trying to meet women AND in married men who are resentful because of a lackluster sex life.

“Sex Brain” can be the very ROOT of the problems a man is having at many stages of his life and relationships. It adversely affects his ability to CONFIDENTLY:

  • meet women
  • talk to women
  • argue with women
  • attract women
  • have sex with women
  • inspire women
  • intrigue women
  • gain respect from women
  • relate to women

It also inhibits a man’s ability to genuinely respect, accept, and appreciate women.

It’s not enough to try to NOT THINK about having sex or to NOT LOOK at her boobs. It’s not enough to “act” disinterested. It’s not enough to TELL her you’re not interested. Women can see right through these smokescreens.

In a recent correspondence with a woman she told me,

“It’s absolutely TRUE that for experienced women we do not like men who have ‘sex brain’. We have a very evolved BS detector. That means if it’s the only thing they’re thinking about when we are in each others company it won’t happen. If I get signals from a man that he has ‘sex brain’ I get bored. There is NO connection.”

Ten million single or married women from across the world could have said the same thing. Should we care?

We have the choice to either believe it or not.  If you choose to believe it and act on it, everything can change for you.

Women can feel your authenticity whether it’s authentic “horndogginess” or authentic confidence and respect.

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To overcome the particular problem of “Sex Brain”, we must understand what actions can totally diffuse the condition. But how?

How do we REPLACE what feels to us as a “hard wired” emotion?  How can we be expected to turn-off our manliness and start acting more like a woman?  Like one of her girlfriends?

The answer is amazingly simple but so hard for many men to understand. But once they UNDERSTAND it, they are on the path to fixing it.

The answer is to start acting MORE like a man – not LESS like a man.

What the hell does THAT mean? What kind of “man” am I talking about?

I’m talking about the very specific man that most women fantasize about – DAILY.

Regardless of age or marital status, there is ONE kind of man that most women keep in their heads as their “go to guy”. They are comfortable and safe with him.

They say and do things with him that would make your head spin. He is the only guy they feel safe enough with to be as lusty and sexually adventurous as they want to be.  And guess what?

He doesn’t really have a face.  His height, weight, hair, and size of his manhood are not in the picture!

The fantasy man knows her secret. She wants to be WANTED – not NEEDED.

She is attracted to him because he wants her emotional gifts instead of just needing her physical gifts.

She feels his masculine energy of strength and confidence with a genuine appreciation, acceptance, and respect for her.  With these feelings locked in place, she welcomes his masculine, unapologetic sensuality and is turned on by his wanting her.

She RESPECTS the hell out of him!

She knows he is a sexual man. She knows he is unashamed of this. With or without her, she knows he will always pursue a healthy, loving, and intimate relationship. She knows he deserves it.  This makes him even more desirable.

She loves that he wants her!  But she knows he doesn’t need her.  In fact, she knows she must pay attention to what he expects and desires from her.  And she willingly does.

He is strong and confident enough to refuse sharing his desire with a woman refuses to step up and accept HER role in the relationship.  He wastes no time with her if she acts in ways that show she doesn’t share his values.  This also attracts her and builds even more respect for him.

Does that sound like utter crap?  Like a romance novel?  Exactly.

Romance novels are often called porn for women. They are written by people who know exactly what emotions in a woman need to be triggered in order to stir them sexually. They know what words, actions,  touches, and emotional environments tweak those feelings.

So why do so many men roll their eyes at this? What is it about the fantasy man that makes men doubt his existence? Are they disgusted or intimidated?  Are they jealous?

Maybe they can’t see themselves being that man.

They are wrong. They can be that man.

They can easily become skilled and confident in listening – in sharing their feelings – in showing respect, approval and acceptance of her and others. They are calm but firm in stating their values and enforcing their boundaries.

This is manly stuff!

They have no hidden agenda or planned outcomes with women.  And most importantly, they do NOTHING to try to change her and only worry about improving themselves and living by their values.

This is manly stuff!

They always gives her the choice to join them in their values – or not.  Her choices and her reactions do not rattle them.  They find their own affirmation and validation not from her, but by how they live their life.  They surround themselves with OTHER good men.

This is manly stuff!

They do this for one person only and that is themselves.  And THIS is irresistible to her.

This is what I mean by being MORE of a man.

Becoming this type of man can be achieved by anyone. That is, anyone who can consciously decide that is who they want to be.

Self-confidence comes with knowledge and practice.  It comes with knowing your true masculine gifts and how powerful they are.

Attractive manliness comes with purposely living your life according to YOUR rules.

Healthy and passionate relationships come with choosing to give what others need and knowing how to receive their love in return.

If you are not already on this road to confident manliness, get some help.  There is SO MUCH more to know and SO MUCH more to do.  Contact me to talk about your problems and your desires for your life and relationships.

I will not only help you understand WHAT you need to do, but I will show you specifically HOW to do it.

The HOW TO process is the most important part.

Step by step.  Easy.  You can do this.  Contact me today.

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Dan Dore Certified Professional Men’s Coach
Dan Dore has been a professional Men’s Coach specialising in helping men who are lacking confidence, unhappy and unfulfilled in their life and relationships. Dan has 10 years experience coaching men to improve their self-confidence issues and improve their ability to create more emotional connection, more trust, more respect, and to learn how to lead the sexual intimacy and affection in their relationship whenever they want. If you're tired of dealing with rejection and criticism, Dan will help you challenge the current status, stand up for what you want to change and finally be happy in yourself and your ability to create the kind of connection and passionate life that you really want.
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