How to BE More Masculine and Create the Relationship You Want — 1 Comment

  1. I have done ALOT of reading and researching over the past 7 years, and I have never come across anything like what you are teaching men.
    I know this stuff because I am a woman that sees, and has figured out this problem, but been with men that just don’t get it.
    Your approach in communicating what a woman wants, and needs, is spot on the target.
    I have been listening to every video, and reading your writings, non stop since I came across your site yesterday.
    You are fascinating to listen to, and it all makes perfect sence.
    If I had only had this before ending my marriage of 30 years 7 years ago.
    Dating only 2 men since, ending in the same “disconnect” feelings that you refer to in your teachings.
    Thank you for discovering the real heart and intentions of a woman, and the work of sharing this enlightenment with men all over everywhere.
    You have trully discovered the keys to unlocking the deep loving nature of a woman towards her man.
    One of your greatest fans.
    Candice Campbell