How to Handle Your Wife’s Threat of Divorce — 2 Comments

  1. Great article Steve. I am going through this process and have gotten to the point of peace with or without my wife. She moved out, isn’t sure, sends mixed signals, points the finger at me you name it. She did the classic “think about it for 2 years” and drop the bomb you describe six months ago. She has also repeatedly threatened divorce.

    I was an absolute disaster-begging, pleading, generally freaking out. For the past several months, I’ve been working with a trusted therapist. I’ve also followed your advice and connected with positive men, including someone I never knew before who has gone through this gauntlet and lived a better life in the end. I’ve taken back old hobbies and passions, and started new ones and learned to put me first after 20 years of putting everyone else first.

    While I have made it clear to my wife that I would like us to continue in our marriage, I am no longer desperate for it to happen. I’ll be okay if it doesn’t. I pulled back the curtain by filing divorce papers. Again, I don’t want a divorce, but enough of the smoke and mirrors. Now I’m not operating out of fear. Now I have signaled I will be fine no matter what.

    • Chad, I love your clear-headed way of describing your process and where you are and WHY. Clarity is king…even though guilt and sadness may still be there. Stay in your lane. Come from love and not fear. Take it day by day with a skip in your step. You never know what might come next.