Saving Your Marriage by Saying Nothing at All — 2 Comments

  1. My wife has told me that she is serving me papers soon for a divorce. I had been told many times that I should just “leave her alone,” but I didn’t. She says that I exhaust her, so I find it interesting that you used her words, so that leads me to believe that you “know” something. I know that I have to continue to “grow up” and become a man, a great man. Even though there seems to be little chance that we would get together again, I still want to be a great man for my relationships with women. Thanks!

    • I’m really sorry to hear that, Wayne. Most of us don’t start looking at ourselves until a 2×4 hits us in the head – like a divorce. You’re not alone – I traveled the same road with you and many, many others.

      Don’t count your chickens too soon. Show her what you’re reading. Tell her you’re on a path of change. For YOU only. You’re understanding her frustrations. You can’t control her or make decisions for her. No matter what choices she makes, you are making changes for you. Don’t wallow in guilt, regret, or apologies.

      Tell her she should think about whether the grass is really greener elsewhere. You don’t plan to show her what you mean with words anymore – just actions.

      Call me if you want to talk. This is a good road you’re on no matter what happens! Promise.