4 Late-Stage Walkaway Wife Syndrome Behaviors

This article is about the all-too-common condition some therapists call The Walkaway Wife Syndrome. In it I’ll share 4 late-stage behaviors women with this syndrome tend to exhibit, plus how to better understand the causes of this condition and your wife’s actions.

Among other common traits of this syndrome is the two-year advance planning period many wives spend in anticipation of the end of their marriage.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s seldom a detailed plan. Seldom premeditated.

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In the beginning, it’s more of a feeling…an emotional knowing that her marriage cannot continue any longer the way it is. It’s a heavy sadness. So heavy, in fact, she can’t muster the strength to talk about it or reveal the growing truth in her heart.

And this is where most of say “bullshit!”. “Why couldn’t she have told me she was feeling this way?!”

The reason is simple. In her own way she thinks she said volumes. In ways you may have missed, but the only ways she knew to tell you.

4 Late-Stage Behaviors Of “Walkaway Wife Syndrom”


  1. Constantly detached, disinterested, unresponsive and endlessly distracted by everything and everyone but you
  2. Consumed with social media at all hours of the day and night and she has time only for friends, co-workers and people you’ve never met
  3. Suddenly aggressive and disrespectful at every request you make to “talk about it”
  4. Adopted strange new habits like smoking, excessive drinking, staying out all night or getting tattoos

If you’ve seen any of those signs you’re probably feeling all kinds of anxiety, loss of appetite and sleep. Brother, you’re among men who ALL know what that feels like.

It’s impossible in one email to give you enough helpful information to change things overnight. The first phase of the “Walk Away Wife Syndrome” is complex and it’s important to not over-react.

Most of us will over-analyze, over-think and over-talk. None of those will work.

In this video, I talk about a free PDF we created to help you start THINKING correctly. Below the video, I will give you a link to download this document to give you some immediate guidance on what may be going on in your marriage.

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She Said She’s Leaving – Now What?

If you’ve recently joined our email list you’ve been getting a daily email about a story of Pete, Barb and Mike.

It’s actually MY story…and possibly yours. A lot of guys read this and think I’ve been hiding under their couch.

Dynamics Leading To A Stumbling Marriage Are Pretty Damn Predictable

So while I may sound like a mystic, I’m just writing about a story that happens every day in the life of a good guy trying to do the right things and live a happy life.

It’s between age 40 and 60 where most guys are hit with a stark realization that it’s not that easy. It’s also the age range for the “walk away wife syndrome”. In my case I call it “unconscious incompetence”. For a fairly smart guy, there was an amazing amount of things about women, marriage and sex nobody ever told me.

And there was a LOT about myself I didn’t understand either.

If you want to read the entire story in one sitting, I’m offering a free PDF download for you. Just click the link below (yes, I ask for your email address) and get the story titled:

Every Man’s Marriage Nightmare

Experiencing a partner with “Walkway Wife Syndrome” can be your turning point. A sudden realization of how much you love your wife and family. In the past, you may have:

  • Mistaken her bids for connection as her being upset
  • Mistaken a smooth stretch as her being happy
  • Been blindsided when she announced she wants a divorce

You can clearly see what’s really motivating her actions.  How will YOU move forward from here?  if you’re ready for something a little more intense and personal, submit our contact form. This connects you with me or one of our certified coaches.

Most guys say at the end of these free consultations, “Holy crap, I got more out of this conversation than 6 months of marriage counseling!”

No kidding. We hear it all the time. Give it a shot. You’ll be amazed.

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Steve Horsmon Certified Professional Men’s Coach
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