How Do I Stop Being An Insecure Husband?

Her phone is going off… Who is she texting? She got home late… Was she out seeing someone? When you didn’t confront your mom, she called you a pussy. Now you’re not sure who is harder to confront… Your mom or her? Being an insecure husband is miserable. You don’t enjoy the feeling any more than she does. I’m going to show you why insecurity loses its grip when your thinking changes.

And guess what? I’m not really interested in your “feelings”.

Yeah, I know being a man is tough. Being in a relationship is tough.

But all of it is tougher when you’re being yanked around by your feelings on a daily basis.

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Part of being a mature, confident and clear-headed man is knowing that while your “feelings” are normal and healthy, they are NOT your reality.

Becoming a master of your emotional world demands that you change your relationship with your “feelings”. This means you’re going to have to change your relationship with your “thoughts”.

Here’s the problem:

A nervous, unhappy and insecure husband has a habit of “living the feeling of his thinking”.

This means he allows his random thoughts, beliefs and projections to drive an endless parade of negative emotions.

He feels like he is a passenger in a roller coaster of “feeling” and has no particular agency or responsibility for changing the thinking at the root of his constant anxious, angry and/or unhappy reactions to life.

Is this you? Who else do you know who might be living this reality?

I know. This may sound strange to you.

But this wisdom is thousands of years old!

The most confident, calm, wise, clear headed and HAPPY people in the world are those who have come to terms with their own ability – and responsibility – for changing the WAY THEY THINK about the cards they are dealt every day.

This is why I don’t really want to “talk about your feelings”.

I want to talk about your THINKING!

So I will…in this video.

Here’s something NEW to think which I guarantee will change the way you feel.

Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Your “Feelings”

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~ Sir William Jones

We have dozens of complimentary consultations every month with men who have been afraid of what they are FEELING.

They use words like lonely, scared, rejected, dismissed, ignored, replaced, inadequate, frustrated, uncertain and confused.

We will spend one to two hours speaking with you to help you immediately relax and focus. We demonstrate the power of having a wise mentor in your corner to challenge your emotional roller coaster and to teach you how to do a better job of thinking about your thinking.

This is our favorite reaction.

“Dude, I just got more out of this call than I’ve gotten from 3 years of freakin’ therapy!! Why isn’t anyone telling men this stuff?!”

What stuff?

1. We talk about what’s really happening with your marriage, wife and sex life.

2. We tell you things about being a man your father never told you…and how you’ve been avoiding the most powerful part of being a man.

3. We take you through an exercise to experience the thrill of changing your perspective and HOW YOU’RE THINKING at this very moment.

That’s when you immediately FEEL something different than just an hour earlier.

Yeah. I know. Sounds crazy. I love this stuff and it’s why I can’t stop writing and talking about it. I want that for you too, brother.

Think about it. Perhaps the most courageous, decisive and masculine thing you can do right now is asking for a chat.

Strong men ask for help. Everyone else sits around waiting for something to change.

Feeling like an insecure husband can change!  A new mindset can make you calm and secure. Confidence comes from how you THINK about your wife’s actions, not the actions themselves.

Click this link to go to the Contact page on my site.

Fill out the unusually personal questions.

Be honest. Be thorough.

Let us show you something (like a new way of thinking) you didn’t expect.

That’s a promise.

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