My Wife is Happy Around Everyone Else But Me

Have you ever though to yourself “My Wife is Happy Around Everyone Else But Me” – I recognise this thought too, and the feelings of confusion and frustration that came with it.

I get an email like the one below about twice a week.

Same story. Same question. Different guy.

Hell, I was this guy years ago so I totally get it.

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Here we go.

“Steve, I think my story is probably different from most other guys you talk to. My wife and I mostly get along and we’re not talking about divorce. But she is more like a friend and roommate.

She’s totally checked out of the romantic part of our marriage and says she’s just not interested. I don’t believe her because she absolutely lights up with everyone else but me. She’s more playful, affectionate and happy with everyone (even the dog) than she is with me.

She’s also been spending a lot of time with a mutual friend (a married guy) down the street. She says they are “just friends”, but she seems to put time with him ahead of time with me. She says we don’t have much in common anymore and don’t have a connection.

So…while I don’t think divorce is on the horizon, I NEED HELP of some kind. The thing is, I don’t know what is best for me.

I’m confused about your Masculine Confidence personal coaching program, the Men’s Roundtable group, the Defuse the Divorce Bomb online course and the retreats you offer.

Given my unique situation, what do you think would be the best fit for me? Thanks.”

First of all, let’s forget about what option he needs for a minute.

I want to point out how amusing it is that he believes his situation is unique.

While everyone is special in their own way, we’ve found that the men who contact us have many things in common. It’s scary how often the emails virtually REPEAT themselves.

It’s because of this common bond (and common mistakes) that our community and coaching events are so effective.

We’ve seen it all before and we know the path to getting you through it with strength, confidence…and even a smile on your face.

In this video, Dan will tell you about the common ties that bind all of us.

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The Ties That Bind Us

There is a common set of red flags most men we work with have waving in front of their face.

These are the issues we unravel, unpack and redefine for you so you can finally take yourself and your relationship to the next level.

He thinks things are mostly okay, except for this intimacy thing
She thinks things are mostly not okay, except for daily logistics

He is craving for intimacy of any type
She is resisting all of his efforts to connect

He is working his ass off trying to please her
She is slightly disgusted by his efforts

He is quietly getting resentful and angry
She can read it all over his face

He is secretly burning up inside about this “friend” of hers
She feels totally justified in taking her time and energy somewhere else

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what else to try?

Are you about to say “screw it” and throw in the towel?

This stage of your life and relationship has a purpose.

There’s still so much left to learn about yourself, your thinking and how you are responding to all these daily triggers.

And we want to be your coach and Sherpa for the next part of your journey.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get everything you think you want, but we DO guarantee you’ll get everything you need to make the next 10 years of your life more amazing than you ever dreamed.

Bold promise? Yeah. We watch men make this change every day and it never gets boring.

The Men’s Live Coaching Roundtable is a powerful collection of men from around the world working together to transform themselves and their relationships. Dan Dore and I lead this community with 5 other professional coaches. We have live coaching video calls twice per month. The camaraderie in this group is something missing from the lives of too many men in the world.

Our Mastering Connection With Women course starts again in May lead by Dan and Alexis – Receive live feedback on your energy and confidence. Find out what you need to do to own your sexuality and masculinity. Navigate tests and create more connection and intimacy with ease.

Our online course How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb is a deep and intense dive into handling yourself when you hear, “I love you but I’m not in love with you anymore.” Tim Wade and I host monthly live Q&A calls with all the students in this course which includes many other bonuses as well. Find out more here.

We love teaching men these tools – how to be better, how to know who you are, what you stand for, what you want and how to CREATE it in your life through our Masculine Confidence coaching programs.

What if this next year everything changed for you?

That’s what we want for you brother.

My new book Straight Talk Tools for the Desperate Husband will help you to lead yourself and your relationship back to good health. Understand why your partner acts the way she does toward you and learn how to lead your life in the direction you want it to go. You CAN have the relationship you want, fulfilling all your desires while maintaining love and respect.

I wrote a free e-book to help men learn how to lose their fear and be more bold in their marriage to create the love and connection they want. Get The Hard to Swallow Truth About Saving Your Marriage 

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Dan Dore Certified Professional Men’s Coach
Dan Dore has been a professional Men’s Coach specialising in helping men who are lacking confidence, unhappy and unfulfilled in their life and relationships. Dan has 10 years experience coaching men to improve their self-confidence issues and improve their ability to create more emotional connection, more trust, more respect, and to learn how to lead the sexual intimacy and affection in their relationship whenever they want. If you're tired of dealing with rejection and criticism, Dan will help you challenge the current status, stand up for what you want to change and finally be happy in yourself and your ability to create the kind of connection and passionate life that you really want.
The Hard-to-Swallow Secret to Saving Your Marriage

The Hard-to-Swallow Secret to Saving Your Marriage

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