My Wife Just Said She Wants A Divorce, And Now I Can’t Think

It’s counter intuitive but when your “wife just said she wants a divorce,” sometimes a good laugh is the last thing on your mind, but exactly what you need!

Laughing releases all kinds of feel-good endorphins which is why Tim Wade and I made sure to add lots of humor in our new How to Defuse The Divorce Bomb course.

In this 8-hour, deep dive, online coaching course we go “deep, dark and funny” to describe the serious psychological and emotional impact divorce can have on a man. The “darkness” is about the “suck” factor of a pending divorce and the intensely vulnerable feelings of pain and debilitating nightmares.

And the (sometimes irreverent) humor is sprinkled throughout to remind you that you’re actually going to be okay and THRIVE no matter what happens!

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One of the first big questions we address in this course is this classic.

How can a woman just “fall out of love” and decide to break up a family with the all the ease of cancelling a magazine subscription?

I want to talk about that for a bit.

It’s an extremely complex question which means the answer is equally complex. (i.e. confusing, maddening, frustrating)

In the course we explain the personal darkness, emotional numbness, disconnection and disgust that can take control of your wife.

It’s for these reasons why nothing seems very “sensible, rational or logical” to you. She can be robotic and indifferent while you are exploding inside with fear and confusion.

You want to know WHY! Why. Why is she “doing this to me and our family?”

It may sound crazy to your logical brain, but demanding to know WHY is actually sabotaging your ability to think clearly and actual do something that matters…something that might actually help the situation.

This is why the course coaches you to STOP demanding explanations.

STOP forcing long, heavy conversations that go nowhere. And STOP looking to her as your only source of emotional peace and well-being.

It’s simply the very best content available online for men facing possible divorce. We are so proud of the quality and depth of the information we know you’ll find it immediately helpful.

It’s like having two personal coaches walk you through the whole emotional roller coaster.

Tim and I made a video yesterday to explain why we made this course for you and why can’t stop thinking and talking about it.

YouTube video

There’s a serious problem that’s happening all over the world.

It’s the problem of 100% of men getting caught off guard when they find out, they may be getting divorced.

75% of all divorces are initiated by women.

Yeah, and 100% of us men are caught off guard.

The problem is that there’s nowhere for men to go.

There’s nothing for them to read.

There’s nothing credible and really helpful that works to help you get through this darkest, hardest time of your life.

And the really sad fact is that most men go through separation and divorce alone and miserable and having no one to talk to.

The problem that a lot of guys have is they scour the internet and they get involved in the wrong chat rooms and they go to the wrong places – places that are trying to teach you gimmicks and tricks to win her back.

We don’t do gimmicks.

We’ve created and honed a 1-to-1 coaching program which we’ve been taking men through for years, that transforms their confidence and helps them create an amazing life whether they stay married or not.

But 1-to-1 coaching isn’t for everyone.

We wanted to come up with something that was an alternative option, so we created the How to defuse the Divorce Bomb online course.

We took our experience from all these years of coaching men and seeing what really works for them in getting their Mojo and their confidence back and transforming their marriages.

And we distilled that down into a little over eight hours of video.

We know that it really helps you to know what to say, what to do, how to be and what to think when you hear things like…

I love you, but I’m not in love with you

I need some space right now

I’m not feeling attracted to you

we have to talk, this isn’t working for me

I’m so done with this

I need out, I need to get away

I need to move out

I don’t want to be in a relationship

We need to separate

I think we need to divorce

We know that Causes a burning hole in your heart and a burning hole in your stomach.

So this is what we go into in the very first part of the course, understanding the pain that you’re going through when you have nobody to talk to.

Well now you have us to talk to.

We can honestly say that we both wish this course had existed when we were going through our divorces years ago.

We have a private Facebook group where other men and Steve and Tim interact in real time with you, answering your questions.

Being able to talk to other guys going through the same thing and getting support is critical for how you come through this situation.

A guy recently said “I love this course, I love what it’s doing for me, I feel so much better, but my fear is that a month from now, I’m going to slide backwards and go to the old version of me.”

We want you to know that we’re not going to let that happen.

We’re not going to let it happen because we’ve created the Facebook group and monthly live code calls with you and the rest of the people taking the course, forever.

This is a long term commitment for us.

This is not just a shot in the dark.

We’re doing this forever.

This is a relationship based coaching course for you.

We know how much crap advice and help there is out there on the internet.

We want you to know that we’re serious when we say that we’re committed to you.

We will give you your money back if you don’t absolutely, positively think it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen online.

There’s a 14 day trial. So within that 14 days, if you’re not happy and want your money back, we give it back no questions asked, because we want you to be thrilled with this.

The reason we can offer that promise is because we know this shit works.

“This S#*! Works ”

We’ve been asking ourselves why we believe in this course so much.

It’s because we know beyond any doubt whatsoever that this information will help you immediately.

Our one-on-one clients often say after a couple weeks of coaching, “You know what? This s#*! works!”

What they mean is that they never thought they could feel so calm so soon. They never thought they would feel so CLEAR about what’s happening, what they think about it and how they are going to handle it.

When we say “it works” we’re not measuring progress by your wife’s immediate reaction to your changes (although that’s usually pretty amazing).

You’ll know it’s “working” when you finally draw a deep breath, get your first good night’s sleep, and calmly sit with her without feeling like fully loaded leaf spring on a one ton truck.

Okay. I’ll stop with the sales pitch. I do want you to know how important this information is and I want you make a decision to do something really smart.


Because I personally know how easy it is to do stupid things for weeks before you finally learn some things that nobody has ever taught you before.

I wish I had this course when I first heard, “I’m done.”

This link has tons of detailed information and 4 sample videos compiled for Modules 1 through 4.

How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb

We created a bonus video for men who are facing their wife‘s emotional or physical affair. Tim also made two special videos for fathers and for anyone who is thinking that booze and pot might be helpful at this time.

And I take you to the barn for a series of NSFW (Not suitable for wife) videos where I mince no words in telling you what you’re up against and how you need to navigate some very touchy issues.

Our no B.S. money back, no questions asked, 100% refund policy is serious too – if you don’t love it and find it amazing, you get your money back.

You have zero risk.

Some recent students have said they plowed through the whole course in a couple of days and are starting over at the beginning. “There’s just something about it that calms me down” they say.

And when they ask, “How will I remember all this and not just slide backwards again?”, I remind them about the ongoing private Facebook support group and the monthly Live Q&A calls.

We know what you need right now and we’ve got your back, brother…from this point forward.

Check it out.

How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb

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