How To Handle Valentine’s Day When You’re Separated

Oh boy – it’s Valentine’s Day! Who’s excited?? (crickets) Yeah, I know. For men, how to handle valentine’s day When you’re separated, in a struggling relationship, or dealing with divorce, can be one of the hardest times to know what to do. That’s why I’m writing this. I know exactly what you’re faced with. Look for my free gift further down so you can handle these struggles confidently.

You just got through the gauntlet of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ with all the angst and sadness the sight of mistletoe brings up and BAM! you’re faced with yet another commercialized holiday that assaults you at every turn.

In the weeks leading up to February 14th, every store, TV show, and social post is hell-bent on reminding you how everyone else is going to have a super fun time with their lover, filled with champagne, chocolate, and sex. Lots of sex.

The anxiety about getting it “right” can be overwhelming.

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Should I get her something? A card? Candy? Flowers?

Should I just ignore it completely? Should I bring it up?

Should I plan something romantic?

What if she gets me a gift and then I didn’t?

If I make some grand passionate gesture will she have sex with me?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news.


Nothing you do or do not do in this Valentine’s dilemma will ruin everything. Whether you and your spouse turn your marriage around and create the kind of relationship you both truly want is not hanging in the balance depending on which bouquet you pick out.


Nothing you do or do not do in this Valentine’s dilemma will get your marriage off the rocks. There is no perfect gift, dinner, outing, or incredible display of desire that will smack her upside the head and remind her just what a swell guy you are and that she’s crazy to have doubted your love.

You probably saw that coming. But I hope the knowledge of those 2 things can put your mind at rest even a little.

Every holiday milestone you must go through when you’re estranged from your wife carries with it a butt-load of new hurdles to master. (And Valentine’s day is the worst since it’s all about love and romance which is the last thing she wants to talk about right now.)

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