Should Men Assert Their Needs In Marriage?

When men assert their needs it goes in one of two directions. One direction creates the potential for intimacy and the other direction erodes intimacy.  I’m going to explain why getting clear on desiring her uniqueness vs having desire makes the difference she can feel.

When a marriage is starting to falter, we feel like we can’t say what we want. It feels awkward to explain our feelings.

Why are we so nervous when it comes to being emotionally honest about what we want?

Why are we afraid to stand up for what we value in our relationship?

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Men in this community are smart, caring, sensitive, romantic and articulate.

But we find ourselves lost for words to express our feelings in the face of an angry, unhappy wife.

And there’s a little secret we keep when we complain about loss of “intimacy”.

The truth is that we’re secretly trying to get sex. We’ll say or do anything to get her to have sex. And she knows it.

There is a better way.

“I don’t have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination.” ~ unknown

When we’re coaching men around the desire for more sex in their marriage, we teach them about the energetic difference between wanting sex and desiring HER.

Once you understand this you will see an immediate shift.

It’s as obvious as someone approaching you with clenched fists and a scowl…or a cold beer and a smile.


When men assert their needs, Women FEEL the reason behind his approach at the molecular level

And that’s why things will change so fast when YOU change your energy around your sexual desire.

Do you remember the first month of dating her? You were mesmerized by her mind and her heart. You just loved having her sit in the front seat of your car.

Your “regard” for her was based on a genuine attraction to her nature and respect for her uniqueness.

And now? Not so much. Right? (that was my story anyway)

Your sexual needs are not wrong. Men who assert their needs from a place of appreciation find their needs get met.

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