Wife Is Not Sexually Attracted To Me Anymore What Can I Do?

Over my years as a men’s coach, there’s one thing I see over and over again when a wife is not sexually attracted to her husband anymore…he needs to learn how his energy and mood are affecting her libido.

If you spend much time feeling anxious, agitated, irritated, overwhelmed or angry…I can accurately predict that you aren’t having much sex right now, yes?


Simple. When you’re feeling those emotions, she will be feeling them and while it would be wonderful for her to lean in and offer to support you through them, that’s not the reaction that most women have in their body. Especially when you are blaming her for your negative emotional state.

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Are you blaming her?

So how do you become a calmer, more attractive man (even when sex is off the table right now…)

I know what you’re thinking. But sometimes sex is the BEST remedy for emotions like anxiety or overwhelm.

I agree! But if your mood is really shitty at the moment, self-remedy is probably the only good option.

Relax And Be Your Normal, Sexy Self Again

I have no idea how YOU do it. I only know about me and I’ll share that below.

Today I started getting anxious, pissed, overwhelmed and agitated over something I had no control over…

…a power outage that lasted about 2 hours.

I know, it’s not a big deal, but I had work to do. Internet was down – the phone was down and I even got kicked off a video call I was on.

Then I remembered an email I received a couple of days ago.

It was from a guy who listened to this Guided Meditation Audio I did a few years ago. I almost forgot about it.

He said he loved it and shared his experience listening to it. He said, “WOW, what a center I found, a place of calm.”

I thought, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that? And it’s my own damn meditation.”

As I explain in this video, one way to deal with a pattern of anxiety, agitation and anger is to imagine a better version of yourself.

Imagine being “that guy” you picture in your head.

That calm, cool, deliberate and amused man you’d love to be but keep sabotaging yourself.

It’s a battle we all fight, brother. Do it for you and nobody else!

Click this link to listen to: “Being That Guy” It’s about a personal story I’ll never forget.

YouTube video

How to Handle Anger and Anxiety and Be a Sexier Man

Will Meditation Actually Help If She’s Giving Less Sex?

Not all by itself… But I can guarantee if you don’t learn how to relax – be more calm and confident – and stop REACTING to triggers instead of RESPONDING to them…sex will be very hard to come by.

First things first. Get yourself out of a shitty mood without her needing to do it for you. Do the mediation I shared. It’s just one tool to help you be the sexy man you know you are when she’s giving less sex. If your sex life doesn’t improve, contact us for a free coaching call where we’ll help you identify what kind of man you need to BE to HAVE what you want.

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Steve Horsmon Certified Professional Men’s Coach
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