5 Steps to Reignite Your Sexless Marriage — 1 Comment

  1. I read these and wish they were true at least for my relationship of 22 years, well married that long, 26 years together. We have been to counseling and the whole deal, tried this and tried that, she enjoys the notion of being married in public, but is fine with roommate status at home. We are a partnership for the kids and that’s it. I can’t see divorcing because we are Christians, but living in misery isn’t much better. Two people have to change the relationship, it can’t just be one person. I mean I can’t even get her to come to bed, she constantly sleeps with our kids or on the couch. I get little pecks on the face for kisses. While I want to stop short of saying we are doomed, I’m pretty sure that’s because I’d like to think of myself as a positive guy. I think I just need to start living as a roommate too and try it out a bit. Maybe it won’t be that bad.