More Intimacy: A Man’s Sexual Epiphany — 1 Comment

  1. This is a great epiphany for all men to have. But how do they get it? That is the real question. How can a man get enough focus with himself to make these great changes. They talk the talk a lot of the time but how many of them really are able to walk the walk. It is something about their desires for pleasure that get in the way of remembering there are two players in the room and both really do want the same things. Oh and about the ladies taking hold of all of this, We are a big part of all this you are trying to share with men. We are the end result of what it is they are trying to learn. So the investment of what it is you are teaching is not just for the men and what they do with it,. But also for us women and what we do with it too! Because these are changes that will be experienced by us as well, we will need to be sure we are ready to welcome in this new man in our lives and what he has to offer with open arms. We do not want to scare them off or discourage them with the wrong reactions to their new ways towards us. We have waited to long to get the man of our dreams to be doing something that would warrant them off on the first try to express the changes and new expressions of love and intimacy they are trying to share with us. We are the ones thank you and our men for wanting to make the changes that will help make both our lives happier and better not just in the bedroom but in all we share together. So thank you to those of you out there listening to and taking the advice of Steve. We women are grateful I promise……..