The Secret to Building a Marriage With More Intimacy and Affection — 1 Comment

  1. Brother I want to thank you for your videos. I had come to a bad point in my 14 year relationship with my wife and my life. Granted I did quiet a few things wrong and had fessed to them. And no cheating is not one of them I believe that is the most dehumanizing thing a person could do to another. She had been bringing stuff up that hsppened 3 yrs ago. And after the last month of watching your videos. By god I took my balls back from her. And told her no more butter cup. I have begged,pleaded,and apologized all I’m going to I have held on to the anger of all the wrong that had been done to me and that I had done to others until it had made me a miserable person. So to hell with all the negative in my life and if she wanted to remain that part so be it. I could survive without her. Then the next day sent here a dozen yellow roses with a card that said this is not an apology by any means cause I meant every word I said. But just a little something to brighten your week as bright as mine. I drive a truck for a living so I’m not there with her but she has had a totally different attitude lately. And I know she loves me and I love her. But I had become the man you talk about that depended on her feelings towards me. And after watching your videos and reading your stories I have taken back over my life. And yes I hope things work out but if they don’t. I’m gonna be ok. Thanks again and keep more videos coming. Cause if they can help a hard headed old goat like me. They really work.